The Dark Knight Rises Filming Locations

Unlike the first two installments of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, which were filmed in Chicago, The Dark Knight Rises was primarily filmed in Pittsburgh.

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The Dark Knight Rises was filmed in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, & New York in the United States of America, London in the United Kingdom, and in India.

Wollaton Hall as Wayne Manor

A memorial for Harvey Dent is held in front of Wayne Manor at the start of the film. At the end of the film, Jim Gordon reads in front of Bruce's grave.

Franktuary as St. Swithin's Home For Boys

Blake takes orphans from here in an attempt to get them out of the city.

KPMG Center as Wayne Enterprises Boardroom

Bruce attends a board meeting where he hands the company off to Miranda.

15 Broad Street as Gotham Stock Exchange

Bane and his goons leave the stock exchange with hostages and escape through the police force.

Trump Tower as Wayne Enterprises

Bruce walks out of the tower after losing the company and sees his car being towed.

Heinz Field as Gotham Rogues Stadium

Bane announces his plan for the city after destroying the field during a game.

Queensboro Bridge as Gotham Bridge

Bane leaves this one bridge into Gotham standing. Late in the film Blake attempts to get some children out of the city but is stopped by the police who destroy a section of the bridge.

Source: IMDb

956 5th Avenue as 957 Fifth Avenue

An angry mob kicks out the residents of these fancy apartments after Bane takes over the city.

Mehrangarh Fort as The Pit

Bruce emerges from the prison in the ground at the foot of this fort. A young Ra's al Ghul is also seen walking along a street in the fort after being released.

Mellon Institute (CMU) as Gotham City Hall

The GPD attack Bane's army in force with the help of Batman. Batman then enters the building to save Miranda Tate. The confrontation between Batman and Bane takes place on the fourth floor lobby.

Source: Reelz (archived)