The Dark Knight Rises Filming Locations

Unlike the first two installments of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, which were filmed in Chicago, The Dark Knight Rises was primarily filmed in Pittsburgh.

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The Dark Knight Rises was filmed in London in United Kingdom, New York, Los Angeles, & Pittsburgh in United States of America, and India.

Wollaton Hall

Wayne Manor

A memorial for Harvey Dent is held in front of Wayne Manor at the start of the film. At the end of the film, Jim Gordon reads in front of Bruce's grave.


Osterley House

Wayne Manor

Interiors of Wayne Manor.

Source: IMDb


One State Street Plaza

Gotham City Police Station

Gordon visits the old destroyed Bat-Signal and is visited by Blake.

Old Royal Naval College

Italian Cafe

Early in the film Alfred tells Bruce about visiting a cafe in Florence and hoping he would see Bruce living his life there. Later, after Bruce's supposed death, Alfred visits this same cafe and sees Bruce and Selina sitting at a nearby table.



St. Swithin's Home For Boys

Blake takes orphans from here in an attempt to get them out of the city.


B.T. Delta Point

Gotham General Hospital

Blake rushes to the hospital where Gordon is being held to try and save him from Bane's thugs.


Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre

Bruce arrives at a charity ball after coming out of seclusion.


Senate House Library

Benefit Hall

Bruce attends a charity ball and meets with Miranda and Selina. Filmed in Crush Hall.

Bane's Courthouse Foyer

Bruce is brought masked into Bane's courthouse and him and Fox is rescued by Selina. Filmed in Crush Hall.


California Bank & Trust Building

Wayne Enterprises Boardroom

Bruce attends a board meeting where he hands the company off to Miranda.

Los Angeles Convention Center

Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division

Storage area for all of Bruce's fancy gadgets that Bane breaks into from the sewers below. Filmed in Kentia Hall.


Title Insurance Building

Gotham Stock Exchange

Bane's thugs storm the stock exchange in order to steal Bruce's fortune.


Wilshire Boulevard & Lebanon Street

Dark Alley

The police chase Batman to this alley, thinking him trapped, only to have him escape in his new Bat.


15 Broad Street

Gotham Stock Exchange

Bane and his goons leave the stock exchange with hostages and escape through the police force.

Trump Tower

Wayne Enterprises

Bruce walks out of the tower after losing the company and sees his car being towed.


Military Park Station

Subway Tunnels

The police search through the subway tunnels in an attempt to find Bane's base of operations.


Stansted Airport

Gotham Airport

Selina attempts to leave the city but is intercepted by Blake before she can board the airplane.


Downtown Pittsburgh Tunnel, North Entrance

Subway Tunnel Entrance

Foley leads part of the police raid through this entrance.


7th Street / Metro Center Station

Subway Entrance

GPD storms the subway in search of Bane's hideout.


Frank Bryan Inc.

Broucek Cement Company

Blake visits a construction site and ends up having to kill some of Bane's men.


Heinz Field

Gotham Rogues Stadium

Bane announces his plan for the city after destroying the field during a game.


Queensboro Bridge

Gotham Bridge

Bane leaves this one bridge into Gotham standing. Late in the film Blake attempts to get some children out of the city but is stopped by the police who destroy a section of the bridge.

Source: IMDb


Software Engineering Institute (CMU)

Gotham Prison

After taking control of the city, Bane releases all of the prisoners including Selina Kyle. Filmed on the west side of the building on South Dithridge Street.

Source: Reelz (archived)

Los Angeles Union Station

Bane's Courthouse

The Scarecrow leads a kangaroo court against Bane's enemies.


956 5th Avenue

957 Fifth Avenue

An angry mob kicks out the residents of these fancy apartments after Bane takes over the city.


Mehrangarh Fort

The Pit

Bruce emerges from the prison in the ground at the foot of this fort. A young Ra's al Ghul is also seen walking along a street in the fort after being released.


3rd Street Tunnel

Gotham Tunnel

Location of a big car pile up that Selina Kyle blasts open near the end of the film.


East 5th Street (between Main & Los Angeles)

Relief Distribution Point

Government agents in disguise distribute food to the residents of Gotham.


Third Avenue & Wood Street

Gotham Street Corner

Blake and Captain Jones take readings from one of the bomb trucks.


Exchange Way & Garrison Place

Gotham Alley

Gordon and his men attempt to tag the bomb truck only to be captured by Bane's thugs.


The Majestic Halls

Wayne Enterprises

Government agents visit the Wayne Enterprises board's hideout only to be attacked by Bane's men.


Wall Street & William Street

Street outside Gotham City Hall

The Gotham Police Force clashes with Bane's army after being freed from the tunnels.


Mellon Institute (CMU)

Gotham City Hall

The GPD attack Bane's army in force with the help of Batman. Batman then enters the building to save Miranda Tate. The confrontation between Batman and Bane takes place on the fourth floor lobby.

Source: Reelz (archived)


Strawberry Way & Garland Way

Ambush on Technical

Gordon leads a group of cops in an attack on one of Bane's technicals.


Strawberry Way & Montour Way

Attack on Bomb Truck

Gordon and his newly acquired technical attack one of bomb trucks and Gordon hitches a ride.


Oliver Avenue & Smithfield Street

Bomb Truck Chase

The tumblers led by Miranda catch up with the bomb truck that has been hijacked by Gordon. Most of the following chase scene was filmed around this intersection.


400 Block, Smithfield Street

Bomb Truck Chase

Batman chases the bomb truck and tumblers through the street.


Fourth Avenue & Cherry Way

Bomb Truck Chase

Selina chases Miranda and the bomb truck underneath a building.


West 3rd Street & South Grand Avenue

Bomb Truck Defeated

A truck carrying the bomb falls through a hole in the street and is stopped and broken into by Batman and Selina Kyle.


Henrhyd Waterfall

Batcave Entrance

After receiving a package from Bruce, Blake locates the hidden waterfall entrance to the Batcave.


Newark City Hall

Filming took place here.