Ghostbusters Filming Locations

The Ghostbusters are here to save New York City from spirits, slimers, poltergeists, and other supernatural threats in this reboot of the classic series.

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Ghostbusters was filmed in New York & Boston in United States of America.
Show Map

Boston University Castle

Aldridge Mansion (exterior)

Erin, Abby, and Holtzmann arrive at the historic Aldridge Mansion to investigate a haunting.


Ames Mansion

Aldridge Mansion (interior)

A tour guide finds himself trapped in the mansion by a strange spirit and Erin, Abby, and Holtzmann are called in to investigate the haunting.

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Emmanuel College Grounds (Emmanuel College)

Columbia University (grounds)

Erin walks across the grounds of her university on the way to the lecture hall.

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Cardinal Cushing Library (Emmanuel College)

Max Planck Auditorium

Erin is preparing for her lecture when she is approached by Ed Mulgrave who is asking for help at the Aldridge Mansion.


Everett Community Health and Wellness Center

Higgins Science Institute

Erin heads to the low-rent college where Abby is investigating the paranormal after learning that Abby published their book without her permission.

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Administration Building (Emmanuel College)

Columbia University (hallway)

Erin tries to play it cool while walking out of the university with all her stuff after being fired.


West 103rd Street & Broadway

Seward Station

Something strange happens inside the Seward Subway station.

Hook & Ladder 8

Hook & Ladder No. 8

Their real estate agent shows the new team a former fire station but they learn it is way out of their price range.


Kaze Shabu Shabu Restaurant

Ghostbusters Headquarters

The new team is forced to set up their headquarters in a much cheaper location over top of a Chinese restaurant.

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Wang Theatre

Stonebrook Theatre

The team heads to a metal concert with their new equipment and chase a ghost through the building and onto stage.

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East Broadway (between Catherine & Market)


The Ghostbusters drive their newly tricked out car through Chinatown.


Division Street & Eldridge Street


The Ghostbusters drive around the corner on their way through Chinatown.


Chambers Street & Centre Street


The Ghostbusters drive past the Municipal Building.


FDR Drive (between 15th & C)


The Ghostbusters drive uptown on the FDR.


East 41st Street & 5th Avenue


The Ecto-1 drives around the corner near the New York Public Library.


West 54th Street & 7th Avenue


The Ecto-1 drives through the city.


Henry Street (between Catherine & Market)


Kevin, now possessed by Rowan, races through Chinatown on a motorcycle.


W Boston

Lotus Leaf Restaurant

Erin interrupts the Mayor's lunch with while yelling about ghosts.


7th Avenue (between 56th & 57th)


Possessed Kevin rides through the city on a motorcycle.


Walker Street & Broadway


Erin runs through the street warning people to leave the city when the tremors from the ghosts begin.


Batterymarch Street (between Water & Milk)

Food Carts

Abby, Patty, and Holtzmann stop by a pair of ghosts ravaging a food cart and end up having the Ecto-1 stolen by the ghosts.


Franklin Street & Federal Street

Parade Balloons

Holtzmann, Abby, and Patty are attacked by ghost balloons and are saved by Erin and her Swiss Army Knife.


High Street (between Pearl & Oliver)


People flee as the giant ghost walks through the street.


Jacob Wirth

Sports Bar

The Ghostbusters gang has a celebratory drink after defeating Rowan.

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