Ghostbusters Filming Locations

A group of paranormal investigators form an organization to hunt down errant ghosts haunting New York City just as a great supernatural evil begins to rise.

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See also: The Sequel & The Remake.

Ghostbusters was filmed in New York & Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

New York Public Library


Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler head to the library and question a librarian about a presence.


Los Angeles Central Library

Library (stacks)

The trio heads down into the stacks where they are scared by a ghost.


South Lawn (Columbia University)

Columbia University Lawn

Venkman & Stantz discuss their plans for form the Ghostbusters after being fired by Columbia.


Havemeyer Hall (Columbia University)

Weaver Hall

Venkman works in a research lab at Columbia University.


489 5th Avenue

Manhattan City Bank

The team secures a loan to start their Ghostbusting business.

Hook & Ladder 8

Ghostbusters Headquarters (exterior)

The Ghostbusters move into the decrepit fire station to use as their headquarters.


Fire Station 23

Ghostbusters Headquarters (interior)

The team sets up their offices inside an old fire station.


55 Central Park West

Shandor Building

Dana and Louis live in an apartment building that resides atop a spiritual nexus in the city.


Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Sedgewick Hotel

The Ghostbusters make a mess of the place while dealing with a ghost in a hotel ballroom.

Shandor Building (stairs)

The Ghostbusters run up the long staircase in the apartment building.


West 116th Street & Broadway


The Ecto-1 turns a corner while driving around the city. This shot was flipped.


Mott Street (between Canal & Bayard)


Venkman and Stantz are given some chicken as a reward for vanquishing a ghost in Chinatown.


Hester Street & Mulberry Street


The Ecto-1 drives around town while the Ghostbusters are out stopping ghosts.


16 East 63rd Street


Ray carries a smoking trap out of a lower floor apartment.


West 50th Street & 5th Avenue


The Ecto-1 turns the corner in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral.


Rockefeller Plaza

Rockefeller Plaza

The Ghostbusters carry a trapped ghost across the plaza.


Mulberry Street (between Hester & Canal)


Spengler takes another trapped ghost out of a building.


Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center

Venkman waits for Dana outside her rehearsal.

Tavern on the Green (Central Park)

Tavern on the Green

Louis tries to get the attention of the diners before being attacked by the hell-beast.

Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle

Louis talks to a horse after his encounter with the ghost dog. After the ghosts are unleashed, people panic as the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man rampages down the street.


FDR Drive (between C & 20th)


The Ecto-1 drives down the FDR.


Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge

The Ecto-1 drives across the Manhattan Bridge during sunset.


White Street (between Broadway & Church)

Louis Wandering

Louis wanders confused down the street after the explosion at Ghostbusters HQ.


Warren Street & Broadway

Subway Entrance

A ghost flies out of a subway entrance throwing up papers from a nearby newsstand.


East 62nd Street & Madison Avenue


A taxi is possessed and runs through an intersection causing another car to crash.


6th Avenue (between 49th & 50th)

Rockefeller Center

A ghost bursts from a food cart chewing on some sausages.


Times Square (north of 45th)

Times Square

Louis hears Dana's signal.


New York City Hall

City Hall

The Ghostbusters are brought to city hall to explain the ghost issue to the mayor.


Manhattan Municipal Building

Municipal Building

The Ghostbusters head out with the police and army to deal with the supernatural threat.