Ghostbusters II Filming Locations

The Ghostbusters are brought together years after they were forced to disband to hunt down a supernatural threat flowing through the sewers underneath the city.

Part of the Ghostbusters Collection

Ghostbusters II was filmed in New York & Los Angeles in the United States of America.

Hook & Ladder 8 as Ghostbusters Headquarters (exterior)

The Ghostbusters continue their operations from the converted firehouse after the court order against them is lifted.

644 Broadway as Venkman's Apartment

The other Ghostbusters try to get Venkman to come with them down into the sewers but he decides to head out for his dinner with Dana.

Greystone Mansion as Gracie Mansion

The Ghostbusters a brought to the Mayor's residence by the police to explain the problem. While there is a Gracie Mansion in New York, Greystone was used for filming.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel as Parkview Psychiatric Hospital (hallway)

Louis brings the Ghostbusters up to speed after they are released from the mental hospital.

Source: Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History (pg. 151)