Ghostbusters II Filming Locations

The Ghostbusters are brought together years after they were forced to disband to hunt down a supernatural threat flowing through the sewers underneath the city.

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Ghostbusters II was filmed in New York & Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

325 East 77th Street

Dana's Apartment

Dana is returning to her apartment with groceries when her baby's pram rolls away.


East 77th Street & 1st Avenue


Dana saves her baby after her pram rolls itself into the middle of the intersection.


West 89th Street & Columbus Avenue


The Ecto-1 drives down the street.


The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park


The Ecto-1 drives past the St. Moritz Hotel.


West 58th Street & Broadway


The Ecto-1 drives around the corner.


West 88th Street & Columbus Avenue


The Ecto-1 turns a corner in front of a cleaners.


420 East 78th Street

Birthday Party (exterior)

Ray and Winston use the Ghostbusters equipment to entertain at a children's party to make money.


Fire Station 23

Ghostbusters Headquarters (interior)

The team investigates the strange occurrences around the city.

Source: IMDb

Birthday Party (interior)

Stantz and Zeddemore act as entertainment at a child's birthday party. Filmed in the third floor captain's quarters.


Avery Hall (Columbia University)

The Institute for Advanced Theoretical Research

Dana heads to Egon's lab where he is experimenting on people to ask him about her baby.


Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House

Manhattan Museum of Art

Dana works as an art restorer at the museum.


33 St. Mark's Place

Ray's Occult Books

Ray is in his bookstore talking with Egon about Dana's case when Venkman arrives to bug them.


South Los Angeles Street & East 8th Street

Intersection (dig)

The Ghostbusters are digging a hole in the intersection as part of their investigation when they are confronted by the police.


Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse


Ray, Egon, and Venkman are tried for their digging in the street.

Hook & Ladder 8

Ghostbusters Headquarters (exterior)

The Ghostbusters continue their operations from the converted firehouse after the court order against them is lifted.


East 76th Street & 1st Avenue


The Ecto-1A turns the corner in front of the Three Star Diner.


Chipotle Mexican Grill

Video Shop

The Ghostbusters leave a video store with a captured ghost while wearing Santa hats.


Eastern Shuman Running Track (Central Park)

Running Path

A ghost running runs over a trap set by the Ghostbusters.


Barrow Street & Hudson Street


The Ecto-1A barrels around a corner.


Phillips de Pury & Company


The Ghostbusters investigate a ghost break-in at a jewelry store.


FDR Drive (between 36th & 37th)


The Ecto-1A drives down the FDR.


644 Broadway

Venkman's Apartment

The other Ghostbusters try to get Venkman to come with them down into the sewers but he decides to head out for his dinner with Dana.


The Tunnel Nightclub

Train Tunnel

The Ghostbusters are investigating the tunnel under the city when Winston gets run through by a ghost train.


Trader Joe's

Armand's Restaurant

Venkman and Dana are out at dinner which is interrupted by the arrival of the rest of the Ghostbusters covered in goo.

Greystone Mansion

Gracie Mansion

The Ghostbusters a brought to the Mayor's residence by the police to explain the problem. While there is a Gracie Mansion in New York, Greystone was used for filming.


Former Movieland Theater

Movie Theater

A ghost bursts out of the movie theater showing a screening of Cannibal Girls.


Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Coat Attack

A woman is attacked by her own mink coat when it comes alive.

Parkview Psychiatric Hospital (hallway)

Louis brings the Ghostbusters up to speed after they are released from the mental hospital.

Source: Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History (pg. 151)

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

A giant ghost comes through the arch in the park.

Source: IMDb


East 14th Street & 3rd Avenue


The Ecto-1A turns a corner while speeding through the city.


5th Avenue (between 56th & 57th)


The animated Statue of Liberty walks through the crowds down the street.


East 55th Street & 5th Avenue

Crushing Cop Car

The Statue of Liberty crushes an empty police cruiser while walking down the street.


1st Avenue (between 75th & 76th)

Bus Stop

Louis heads to catch the bus in his pilfered Ghostbusters gear and sees a ghost driving the bus.


Statue of Liberty

Liberty Island

The Ghostbusters are awarded a key to the city after saving everyone from death.


VA West Los Angeles

Parkview Psychiatric Hospital (exterior)

Seen only in the final credits, the rest of the scene was deleted.