You're the Worst Filming Locations

You're the Worst was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Barker Block Garage

Parking Garage

Gretchen yells at Sam about wrecking up the photographer's studio in pilot episode.


Los Angeles Center Studios


From episode 1x02 "Insouciance".

Jessie's Petting Zoo

Edgar hugs some animals while the gang is hanging out at a petting zoo in episode 1x05 "Sunday Funday".

Therapist's Office

Becca and Vernon attend therapy in episode 1x06 "PTSD". Gretchen takes Sam and the band to group therapy over their beef in episode 2x06 "Side Bitch".

Movie Studio

Jimmy meets with a pair of executives about writing tie-in novels in episode 2x05 "We Can Do Better Than This".

Auto Museum

Gretchen, Edgar, and Jimmy perform a Biggie Seance at a museum during their Sunday Funday in episode 2x08 "Spooky Sunday Funday".


Stories Books & Café


Jimmy uses Killian to try to get the bookstore to stock more copies of his book in episode 1x02 "Insouciance". Jimmy checks the bookstore and when he doesn't find any copies of his book he learns they have all been returned in episode 1x07 "Equally Dead Inside".


Bigfoot Lodge

The Bigfoot Lodge

Jimmy follows Gretchen to a bar and sees her hanging out with their friends for her birthday in episode 1x03 "Keys Open Doors".

MacArthur Park

MacArthur Park

Edgar attends the opening of a veterans memorial and gives a speech in episode 1x04 "What Normal People Do".


Vista Hermosa Natural Park

Elysian Park

Jimmy and Gretchen talk in the park while Edgar and Lindsay attempt to fly a kite in episode 1x05 "Sunday Funday".


Blue Bag Records

Blue Bag Records

The gang goes to a records store on their Sunday Funday adventure in episode 1x05 "Sunday Funday".


The Bob Baker Marionette Theater

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Gretchen answers another text message in episode 1x05 "Sunday Funday".


Beverly Boulevard (between Witmer & Edgeware)


Edgar, Jimmy, and Gretchen ride a shopping cart across the bridge and spot the other group in episode 1x05 "Sunday Funday".


Yogurt Haven

Yogurt Haven

Gretchen and Lindsay eat a bunch of free samples at the yogurt shop while talking about relationships in episode 1x07 "Equally Dead Inside". Lindsay and Gretchen return for frozen yogurt in episode 2x05 "We Can Do Better Than This".


Braemar Country Club

Country Club

Jimmy follows Gretchen to the country club and butts in on their lunch in episode 1x08 "Finish Your Milk".


Van Nuys RC Field

RC Field

Lindsay goes with Paul to a park to fly model airplanes with him in episode 1x08 "Finish Your Milk".


Hollywood Bowl Overlook


In a flashback, Jimmy proposes to Becca and is rejected in episode 1x09 "Constant Horror and Bone-Deep Dissatisfaction".


Palomino Drive (between Trancas & Angostura)


Gretchen is out jogging when she gets bad cramps in episode 1x10 "Fists and Feet and Stuff".


Xtreme Training Center


Edgar wakes up in his car and goes to work at the gym in episode 1x10 "Fists and Feet and Stuff".


Sevan & Daniel's Automotive

Gas Station

Gretchen and Jimmy see a street view car while buying snacks during their bender and end up stealing it in episode 2x01 "The Sweater People".


Burbank Town Center

Shopping Mall

Gretchen and Jimmy have a wild time around the mall while out shopping in episode 2x02 "Crevasses".


Echo Park

Echo Park

Lindsay and Gretchen talk about their old friends in the park in episode 2x03 "Born Dead".


Brite Spot Diner


Gretchen and Lindsay meet to talk about anything other then men in episode 2x05 "We Can Do Better Than This".


Elysian Park


Jimmy follows Gretchen when she leaves one night and finds her crying in her car in episode 2x06 "Side Bitch".


2081 Redcliff Street

Lexi & Rob's House

From episode 2x09 "LCD Soundsystem".


Bubble Cuts

Dog Bowl

Gretchen lets her borrowed dog drink from a bowl out front of a shop in episode 2x09 "LCD Soundsystem".


West Avenue 37 (between Mayfair & Etta)


Edgar chats with Jimmy's sister Lilly while looking out over the city in episode 2x10 "A Right Proper Story".


Pacific Electric Lofts

Rooftop Party

Edgar attends Dorothy's improv party in episode 2x11 "A Rapidly Mutating Virus".


The Hi Hat

Secret Concert

Sam hosts a secret concert with his band and gets mad at Gretchen when no one shows up in episode 3x01 "Try Real Hard".



Iglesia Mas o Menos

Gretchen heads across the street to recruit people to attend the secret concert in episode 3x01 "Try Real Hard".


450 Witmer Street

Dorothy's New Apartment

Edgar gets distracted by people in a adjacent homeless encampment while helping Dorothy move in to her apartment in episode 3x02 "Fix Me, Dummy".


The Village Bakery and Cafe

The Village Bakery and Cafe

Gretchen finds her therapist Dr. Jordan at a cafe and asks her about breaking the bad news to Jimmy in episode 3x03 "Bad News: Dude's Dead".


Glaze Fire

Pottery Cafe

Gretchen tries to show Jimmy a father-son relationship to remind him of his own relationship with his father in episode 3x04 "Men Get Strong".


Peekaboo Playland

Peekaboo Playland

Lindsay attends a parenting class with Paul, Becca, and Vernon in episode 3x04 "Men Get Strong".


South Avenue 52 (at 49)

Pulled Over

Edgar parks his car and heads down into the canal in episode 3x05 "Twenty-Two".


Arroyo Seco Canal (at footbridge)


Edgar drinks in the canal before seeing a paper boat floating down the stream in episode 3x05 "Twenty-Two".


Arroyo Seco Parkway (at Orange Grove Avenue)

Speed Trap

Edgar sees a police officer on an overpass with a speed gun and sees it as a sniper rifle in episode 3x05 "Twenty-Two".


East Avenue 39 & Griffin Avenue


Edgar swerves around a corner and interrupts Gretchen & Jimmy's activities in the back seat in episode 3x05 "Twenty-Two".


West Avenue 44 & North Figueroa Street


Edgar drives his car while Jimmy and Gretchen have sex in the back seat in episode 3x05 "Twenty-Two".


Berenice Avenue (between 41 & 43)

Mail Carrier

Edgar watches a mail carrier as he drives past in episode 3x05 "Twenty-Two".


Los Angeles Produce Market

Fireworks Lot

The gang fires fireworks at Edgar as part of immersion therapy while he is high in episode 3x06 "The Last Sunday Funday".


Gin Ling Way


The gang is joined by Paul while searching for clues in episode 3x06 "The Last Sunday Funday".


5100 Coringa Drive

Secret House

The gang winds up at what appears to be the home of an ordinary family at the end of their search in episode 3x06 "The Last Sunday Funday".


North Benton Way (between Elsinore & Sunset)

Foot Clinic

The gang searches for clues at the foot clinic and finds it at the payphone in episode 3x06 "The Last Sunday Funday".


Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Ice Cream Shop

Gretchen has ice cream with Ben Folds while considering him as a client in episode 3x07 "The Only Thing That Helps".


Silver Lake Dog Park

Dog Park

Jimmy decides to try new things and spends time playing with dogs in the park in episode 3x08 "Genetically Inferior Beta Males".


Silver Lake Recreation Center

Basketball Court

Jimmy joins in a pick-up basketball game in episode 3x08 "Genetically Inferior Beta Males".