Power Rangers Filming Locations

Five mismatched teens are chosen to wield an ancient alien power and stop the destruction of all life on Earth.

Part of the Power Rangers Collection
Power Rangers was filmed in Vancouver & Kamloops in Canada.
Show Map

Gladstone Secondary School

Rival High School

Jason runs outside when the police arrive after putting a cow in the locker room and drives away in his truck.


East 26th Avenue (between Victoria & Sidney)


Jason is driving from the cops when he swerves to avoid a garbage truck and flips his pickup over.


Templeton Secondary School

Angel Grove High School (front)

Sam drops Jason off at school for weekend detention.

Vancouver Technical Secondary

Angel Grove High School

Jason arrives at school and heads to detention. Later, Billy, Kimberly, and Jason meet in the cafeteria to discuss their new powers.


4455 Harris Place

Jason's House

Jason decides to sneak out to meet with Billy. Later he talks to his father about his destroyed truck and they learn about the murder on his dad's boat.


Moncton Street & Third Avenue

Welcome to Angel Grove Sign

Jason rides his bike past the town sign.


Cannery Farmers’ Market

Biking around Corner

Two women watch Jason as he rides around the corner on his bike.


219 Princess Street

Billy's House

Jason goes over to Billy's house and Billy spoofs his ankle tracker.

Rose Hill Road

Road out of Town

Jason drives Billy out towards the mine.

Red Lake Road (at railroad crossing)

Railroad Crossing

The gang attempts to get across the railroad crossing while running from mine security before the train comes but they don't quite make it in time.

Frederick Road & Tranquille-Criss Creek Road

Road up Hill

Billy and Jason chat in the van while driving up a dirt road to the mine.


Pitt River Quarries

Cascadia Gold Mine

Jason drives Billy up to the mine so he can dig for his treasures and they end up encountering three other misfits and discovering something beneath the ground.

Third Avenue Pier


A cop arrives at the dock where Sam Scott is tied up to look at the body they pulled from the sea. In a deleted scene, Sam is called back to the boat by the police to give a statement after the cop is found dead.

Moncton Street (between First & Second)

Angel Grove Main Street

Jason exits his front door in a vision and sees Rita destroying the town.


Wildwood Park

Melody Mobile Home Park

Zack takes care of his bed bound mother in their trailer. In a deleted scene, Zack sits atop a light post watching an explosion in the distance before heading off to train.


313 Ninth Street

Trini's House

Trini's mother tries to get her to open up during a family meal.

Swangard Stadium (Burnaby Central Park)

Angel Grove High School (stadium)

Trini calls the rest of the group to the stadium after being attacked by Rita and Jason convinces everyone to go confront her at the waterfront.


Krispy Kreme

Kimberly and Trini eat donuts and practice their new powers. Later Billy tracks down the Zeo Crystal to the donut shop.


Masonic Cemetery


The two fishermen killed by Rita are laid to rest.

Valley off Shuswap Road


Zack's Zord bursts out from the side of the hill and runs down a valley.

Ridge above South Thompson River


Zack's out of control Zord leaps over a ridge and down towards town.

Shuswap Road (east of Miner)

Road by Farm

Zack barely manages to control his Zord enough to avoid hitting a van full of nuns. Later the assembled Zords rush towards town.


12231 First Avenue

Fenix Jewelers

Rita steals a bunch of gold from a jewelry store and then blows it up.

Canadian Fishing Co.


The Rangers head to the docks to confront Rita only to find themselves walking into a trap.

Mt. Paul Way (between Sarcee & Athabasca)


The Power Rangers tear down the street in their Zoids towards where Rita is attacking.


Moncton Street & No. 1 Road


Rita strolls into town in front of Goldar.

Seymour Street (between 3 & 4)


The Zords run down the street towards the battle and later people flee from the Putties coming into town.

Seymour Street (between 4 & 5)


The Kim in the Pink Zords attacks a swarm of Putties rampaging through town.

Victoria Street & 3 Avenue


Kimberly flies over in the pink Zord firing down at some Putties.


First Avenue (between Chatham & Moncton)


Rita is walking down the street when Kimberly makes a strafing run at her in the pink Zord.

4 Avenue (between Victoria & Seymour)


Jason's Red Zord throws a car to crush a whole group of Putties.

RBC Financial Group


Kimberly flies past in the pink Zord as a Putty bursts through the roof.

Victoria Street (between 4 & 5)

Smashed Car

Amanda & Harper are sitting in their car when a piece of a Putty smashes into the hood and the school bully jumps into the back seat.

4 Avenue (between Seymour & St. Paul)


Jason watches Goldar walking past from the red Zord.

Third Avenue (between Chatham & Moncton)

Sam Driving

Sam drives towards the destruction trying to reach Jason on the phone.

DPS Parking Lot 1782

Parking Lot

Jason fights past several of Rita's monsters to save his father from a burning truck.

Moncton Street (between Second & Third)

Crashed Zord

Billy's Zord crashes to the street.


Steveston Landing


The Power Rangers throw Goldar to the ground where he crashes into the wharf.


Second Avenue (between Chatham & Moncton)


People recover after the attack as the Megazord stands over the town.


Second Avenue (between Moncton & Bayview)


People look up at the Megazord standing triumphantly over the city after defeating Rita and snap photos on their phones.

Victoria Street (between 7 & 8)


People emerge from hiding and look up at the Megazord standing over the town.