Movies Filmed at Vancouver Technical Secondary

2600 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC
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South Grandview Highway & Slocan Street from Arrow
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La Piazza Dario from The Flash
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2730 Cooperative Way from Arrow
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Smallville High

Exterior shots of Smallville High.


Olympia Middle School

Liv takes Major to the school where the victim coached so he can take over the team in episode 2x05 "Love & Basketball".

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Westmore Middle School Gym


Midvale High

Kara has trouble fitting in at school while Alex hangs out with her own friends in episode 3x06 "Midvale".

She's the Man

Cornwall Academy

Jennifer's Body

Gym and locker rooms were remodeled for filming.

Source: Wikipedia

Power Rangers

Angel Grove High School

Jason arrives at school and heads to detention. Later, Billy, Kimberly, and Jason meet in the cafeteria to discuss their new powers.


Parole Office

Max visits his parole bot after an encounter on the way to work.

Source: Wikipedia


Gotham Prep (interior)

Kate crashes a dance at her old school to track down the hacker but after learning why the young woman performed the hack Alice shows up looking to force Kate's hand in episode 1x10 "How Queer Everything Is Today!".