Star Trek: Short Treks Filming Locations

A series of short stories involving characters from Star Trek: Discovery.

Part of the Star Trek Collection
Star Trek: Short Treks was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Bluffer's Sand Beach (Scarborough Bluffs Park)

Kelpien Village

Saru lives with his family in a small village on the beach and spends his time looking up at the sky in curiosity in episode 1x03 "The Brightest Star".

Hearn Generation Plant

Industrial Port

A short bounty hunter drags a chained-up Harry Mudd through a series of corridors looking for her ship while he tries to convince her to let them work together in episode 1x04 "The Escape Artist".

Harry Mudd's Ship

Harry Mudd is surrounded by android duplicates of himself doing his bidding when he gets a call from another bounty hunter looking to trade for him in episode 1x04 "The Escape Artist".