New Girl Filming Locations

After Jess finds her boyfriend cheating, she moves into a loft with three men. Comedy ensues. Main exterior of the loft is downtown, while some scenes imply they live in Westlake District.

New Girl was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

Gold Ballroom

From episode 5x08 "The Decision".

Source: IMDb


Bronson Caves (Griffith Park)


Jess and Robby take shelter in a cave during their ill-fated hike in episode 6x14 "The Hike".


Vasquez Rocks


Nick drives to the desert instead of moving in with Caroline in the season finale "See Ya."


The Prince

Nick's Bar

Nick is a bartender at The Prince.


837 Traction Avenue


Some exteriors scenes and most establishing shots use this building as the location of Jess and the gang's loft.


John O'Groats


In episode "Kryptonite" Nick, Schmidt, and Winston eat at John O'Groats.


Windsor Apartment Hotel

Caroline's Apartment

Exterior of Caroline's apartment that Nick was planning on moving in to. The apartment is in the same building as The Prince, the bar Nick works at.


The W Hotel


Jess meets Owen (Ryan Kwanten) while looking for a one night stand in season one's episode "Valentine's Day."