Movies Filmed at The MacArthur

607 S Park View St, Los Angeles, CA 90057, USA

Formerly the Park Plaza Hotel, now used exclusively for events and filming.

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627 South Carondelet Street from New Girl
125 m

American Cement Building from Lucifer and 4 other movies.
183 m

Big 6 Market from Drive
241 m

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The Eastern (entrance)

From episode 3x16 "Infernal Guinea Pig".

New Girl

Loft Roof

The Prestige

Royal Albert Hall

The Park Plaza is used as the entrance to London's Royal Albert Hall.

Colorado Hotel

The ballroom of the Park Plaza is used for the scene with the Tesla machine.

The Bodyguard

Academy Awards

The Park Plaza is used for the exteriors of the Oscars.

Hocus Pocus

Halloween Party (interior)


Wendy's Party

Wendy's party was filmed in the ballroom of the Park Plaza.


Driver and Irene's Apartment Building

Exterior only. Hallway and units were filmed in studio, and parking lot scenes were filmed at Los Angeles Center Studios.

Barton Fink

Men's Conveniences

Source: IMDb

USO Dance

Source: IMDb

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Filming took place in the Ballroom.


Source: Saen Yim