Movies Filmed at Old Royal Naval College

2 Cutty Sark Gardens, Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, Greater London SE10 9LW, UK

The Old Royal Naval College, situated in Greenwich on the Thames, is the prominent centerpiece of the area. Originally constructed in 1696 as the Royal Hospital for Seamen, the building passed into the hands of the navy in 1873. In 1998 the site passed into the hands off the Greenwich Foundation and is now open to tourists and filming.

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The Dark Knight Rises

Italian Cafe

Early in the film Alfred tells Bruce about visiting a cafe in Florence and hoping he would see Bruce living his life there. Later, after Bruce's supposed death, Alfred visits this same cafe and sees Bruce and Selina sitting at a nearby table.



M attends the agent's funerals at the King William Undercroft at the Old Royal Naval College.


From episode 4x01 "The Yanks in the U.K.".

Source: IMDb

Thor: The Dark World

Old Royal Naval College

Jane, Darcy, and Erik attempt to return Malekith's ship to Svartalfheim while Thor holds him off.

The King's Speech

Buckingham Palace

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Source: IMDb

Les Misérables

French Square

Check out video of the shoot with Enjolras (Tveit) and Marius (Eddie Redmayne) on youtube.


Source: IMDb

The Take

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