Movies Filmed at Anheuser-Busch Co

15800 Roscoe Boulevard, Van Nuys
Nearby Locations
Travel Inn from Euphoria
1.2 km

Odd Ball Cabaret from Euphoria
1.3 km

Van Nuys Airport from NCIS and 5 other movies.
1.6 km

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Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant

The Son brings the baby and helps activate the portal to send his family home but before they can depart the Runaways arrive with their new inhibitor weapons in episode 3x04 “Rite of Thunder”.


Meat Processing Plant

Bernard lays low working at a meat processing plant in the Philippines in episode 3x01 “Parce Domine”.

Star Trek

USS Enterprise Engineering

First Bones sneaks Kirk onto the Enterprise and later Kirk and Scotty teleport aboard and get captured.