“Pilot” Filming Locations

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Fringe pilot episode was filmed in Toronto, Mississauga, & Brampton in Canada and New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Infield Terminal (YYZ) as Logan Airport

Olivia investigates an airplane that landed with no one left alive.


Chambers Street & Broadway as Ambulance Driving

An ambulance carries John Scott from the hospital to Walter's lab.

University College (U of T) as Harvard Building (exterior)

Olivia and Walter talk outside the Walter's lab.

Knox College (U of T) as Harvard Building (lobby)

Olivia talks to Broyles in the lobby outside Walter's lab.

7 Glen Road as Richard Steig's Apartment (exterior)

Olivia goes with the SWAT team to search Richard Steig's apartment and Peter sees him escaping out the back.

Glen Road (between Bloor & Howard) as Chase down Street

Olivia follows Peter who is chasing Richard Steig down the street.

Lake Shore Boulevard East (between Jarvis & Sherbourne) as Under Highway

Olivia chases John Scott down the road.

Lake Shore Boulevard East (between Freeland & Cooper) as Car Crash

Olivia causes John Scott's car to crash at the end of their car chase.

York Street (between Station & Bremner) as Tunnel

Olivia chases John Scott through a tunnel.

Bloor Street West & Queens Park as Massive Dynamic (exterior reverse)

Olivia exits a cab and looks up at the Massive Dynamic building.

Source: Torontoist

152 Annette Street as Walter's Lab

Walter has the team open up his old lab at Harvard for their work.

Source: Torontoist

Campbell Lofts as Chase into Building

Richard Steig is being chased by Olivia and is forced to run into an apartment building after he is cut off by a cop.


Former Brampton Hospital as Hospital

Olivia wakes up in a hospital after the explosion at the storage facility and finds John Scott in bad shape.

Source: IMDb

Beare Road (between Passmore & Plug Hat) as Billboard under Power Lines

Olivia, Peter, and Walter drive past a Massive Dynamic billboard after leaving St. Claire's.

Royal Ontario Museum as Massive Dynamic (interior)

Olivia goes to Massive Dynamic to talk with Nina Sharp.

14 Glen Road as Between Buildings

Peter chases Richard Steig between two houses across from his apartment building.

Front Street West & York Street as Turning Corner

John Scott drives around a corner while being chased by Olivia.

Bloor Street West & Queens Park as Ambulance

Olivia cries in the back of an ambulance after John Scott is killed.

Source: Torontoist


7 World Trade Center as Massive Dynamic

Exterior of the Massive Dynamic building first seen in episode #101 and used through the series.