“Ghosts” Filming Locations

The Machine gives the number of a teenager who was reported dead two years ago.

Series: Person of Interest Season 1, Episode 2
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Person of Interest episode "Ghosts" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

West 45th Street & 7th Avenue (Times Square) as Assassin Receives Call

The assassin receives his orders from a payphone.


Broadway (between Reade & Duane) as Trailing Finch

Reese attempts to follow Finch.


Duane Street & Church Street as Finch Evades Reese

Reese turns a corner only to find Finch has disappeared on him.


Calvary Cemetery as Whitaker Family Grave

Finch takes Reese to the cemetery where Theresa Whitaker was supposedly buried.


Arrow Yacht Club as Whitaker's Marina

Finch talks to Reese about the Whitaker family's death on their yacht.

Washington Square Park as Washington Square Park

Reese talks to Deacon Page about Theresa Whitaker and then spots her in the distance.


17 Washington Square North as Theresa's ATM

Reese spots Theresa at a nearby ATM the same moment she spots him.


Macdougal Street (between Waverly & 8th) as Chasing Theresa

Reese chases Theresa down the street but she escapes after cutting his arm.

101 Park Avenue as IFT (exterior)

Finch calls Reese while leaving his job at IFT.


Junior's Cafe as Junior's Cafe

Fusco brings Reese to a cafe where he can find out about the assassin hired to kill the Whitaker family.


65 East 11th Street as Across from Landale Financials

Reese watches Derek and his boss at work from a nearby fire escape.


1717 1st Avenue as The Mat

Reese tracks Theresa to a laundromat where she was trying to sell stolen credit cards and they are attacked by an assassin.


Hunters Point as Greenpoint

Reese spies on Jimmy Calhoun talking business on the land the Whitaker family acquired and then Reese sideswipes him with a dump truck.


New York School of Applied Design for Women as Finch's Library

Finch runs his operations for the first three seasons out of an abandoned library.