“Foe” Filming Locations

A dangerous spy arrives in New York looking to settle an old grudge.

Series: Person of Interest Season 1, Episode 8
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Person of Interest episode "Foe" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Grand Central Terminal as Grand Central Station

Ulrich Kohl arrives in New York under an alias and evades the German agent.


Calvary Cemetery as Wallace Negel's Grave

Reese investigates Ulrich Kohl's stash site at the graveyard.


300 Madison Avenue as Julian Werner's Office

Ulrich Kohl waits at the street corner for Julian Werner to come out of his office.


Craftbar as Julian Werner's Restaurant

Ulrich Kohl poisons Wernick at a restaurant and gets information on his next target.


Hephaistos Building Supplies as Michael Stegans's Construction Site

Ulrich Kohl tracks down Michael Stegans (AKA Steiler) at the construction site he is managing.


West 155th Street & Bradhurst Avenue as Sniping Diplomat's Car

Reese sets up his sniper rifle with Finch spotting so he can shoot the engine on the car transporting Heinlein.


West 155th Street (between Frederick Douglas & Harlem River) as Diplomat's Car Hit

Reese interrogates Heinlein about Ulrich Kohl's next target after shooting his car.


South Corner (Central Park) as Central Park Standoff

Ulrich Kohl confronts his wife and ends up getting shot by Reese.