Movies Filmed at Calvary Cemetery

34-02 Greenpoint Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA

With over 3 million burials, Calvary Cemetery is the largest graveyard in the United States. The cemetery was created by the Old St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1847 when their original cemetery on Mulberry Street filled up. By 1867 the original section of the cemetery to the west was completely full and eventually three new sections were added.

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The team track the criminals to the cemetery and capture them but are forced to turn their quarry over to the CIA in episode 1x05 “Split the Law”.

Person of Interest

Whitaker Family Grave

Finch takes Reese to the cemetery where Theresa Whitaker was supposedly buried in episode 1x02 “Ghosts”.

Wallace Negel's Grave

Reese investigates Ulrich Kohl's stash site at the graveyard in episode 1x08 “Foe”.

Shaw Revived

Shaw wakes up in the back of an ambulance and talks to Reese and Finch in episode 2x16 “Relevance”.

Cal Beecher's Grave

Carter visits Beecher's grave and talks to Alonzo Quinn in episode 3x02 “Nothing to Hide”.