“Root Cause” Filming Locations

Finch finds himself up against a dangerous new foe when a family man is framed for the assassination of a senator.

Series: Person of Interest Season 1, Episode 13
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Person of Interest episode "Root Cause" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

243 Marlborough Road as Powell Residence

Reese watches their latest Number with his seemingly happy family.

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Dr. Ronald McNair Park as Job Search in Park

Reese follows Scott Powell to a park where he looks through the classifieds.


Thrift & New Shop as Pawn Shop

Reese spies Scott Powell selling his watch to a pawnbroker.

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Capitale as Delancey Fundraiser

The Number Reese is following is framed for the assassination of a Senator at a fundraiser.


West 39th Street (between 10th & 11th) as Stopping Scott Powell's Transport

Reese crashes into the SUV carrying Scott Powell to the courthouse and kidnaps him from the FBI agents.


East 42nd Street & Madison Avenue as Buying Burner

Finch buys a burner phone after his old one is compromised by Root.


Travel Inn as Motel

Reese takes Scott Powell to a motel to be safe but they are attacked by a killer.

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Brooklyn Public Library as Library

Finch takes refuge in a library after the hacker compromises his system and works with Zoe Morgan to investigate the assassination attempt.

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Grand Central Terminal as Subway Station

Reese lets Scott Powell call his wife from the subway platform.


48th Avenue (between 5th & Vernon) as Root in Car

Root calls her operative's phone while sitting in her car only to have Finch pick up.


197 Marlborough Road as Pete Matheson's House

Carter heads to Pete Matheson's house after learning he hired Root only to find him already dead.

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47-02 Vernon Boulevard as Root in Coffee Shop

Root formerly introduces herself to Finch from a coffee shop using a voice modulator.

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