“Til Death” Filming Locations

The numbers of a husband and wife come up and they turn out both to be the victim and perpetrator.

Series: Person of Interest Season 2, Episode 8
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Person of Interest episode "Til Death" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Washington Square Park as Washington Square Park

Finch goes to the park to watch Grace as she leaves for the day and he receives a new Number from the Machine.


9 Washington Square North as Grace Hendricks's House

Finch watches Grace leave home.


850 3rd Avenue as East Village Publishing (exterior)

Reese follows the Drakes into the offices of their publishing company.


Waverly Place & University Place as Finch Driving

Finch talks to Reese while on his way to the Drake's apartment.


7 World Trade Center as East Village Publishing (interior)

Reese listens in on the Drakes' conversation with their lawyer and later Fusco comes inside to stop Nestor Santiago from killing Sabrina Drake.


160 East 83rd Street as Drake Residence

Finch sneaks into the Drake's home disguised as an IT tech.


Le Bateau Ivre as Restaurant

Finch watches Daniel Drake leave a restaurant and call up to detonate his bomb using his phone.


Plaza near Gansevoort & Ninth as Book Release Party

Reese follows the Drakes to a book release party and stops a sniper.


32 Gansevoort Street as Sniper's Window

A sniper attempts to kill Daniel Drake from a nearby building.


22 East 89th Street as Rhonda DiArnato's Apartment

Fusco drops Rhonda back off after their date and they share a kiss.


East 90th Street & 5th Avenue as Ice Cream Truck

Grace Hendricks follows the first scavenger hunt clue to an ice cream truck.


The Guggenheim Museum as The Guggenheim Museum

Grace arrives at the final location on her birthday scavenger hunt and walks around the museum with Finch.