Movies Filmed at 7 World Trade Center

250 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, USA

The new 7 World Trade Center was completed in 2006 as a replacement to the original which was destroyed in the September 11th attacks.

Nearby Locations
Former 7 World Trade Center from Three Days of the Condor and 1 other movie.
15 m

Former 1 World Trade Center from Three Days of the Condor
161 m

The Hastings Building from Bull
216 m

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Massive Dynamic

Exterior of the Massive Dynamic building first seen in episode #101 and used through the series.

Person of Interest

Lifetrace (offices)

Shaw poses as an employee of the data mining company in order to keep an eye on Wayne Kruger in episode 3x02 "Nothing to Hide".

East Village Publishing (interior)

Reese listens in on the Drakes' conversation with their lawyer and later Fusco comes inside to stop Nestor Santiago from killing Sabrina Drake in episode 2x08 "Til Death".