“The Crossing” Filming Locations

Carter and Reese find themselves facing off against HR and the assembled criminal's of New York as they try to transport Quinn to the Federal Building downtown.

Series: Person of Interest Season 3, Episode 9
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Person of Interest episode "The Crossing" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

East 41st Street & 5th Avenue as Payphone

Finch answers the payphone and gets Reese's number from the Machine.

Grand Central Terminal as Subway Station

Carter and Reese escort handcuffed Alonso Quinn onto the subway.

Grand Central Terminal as Queens Plaza Station

Reese attempts to call Finch for help but his phone is destroyed by Quinn.


York Street (between Front & Washington) as Police Checkpoint

Reese and Carter attempt to get through a police checkpoint in their stolen ambulance.

Grand Central Terminal as Subway Walkway

Shaw eliminates a group of criminals who are looking for Carter and Reese.


Aladdin Bakers as Silver Panda Co.

Fusco is interrogated in a fortune cookie company by HR.


Water Street & Main Street as Cop in Car

Shaw interrogates a HR cop with a grenade to find out Fusco's location.


Main Street (between Water & Front) as Simmons at Bank

Simmons calls his goons on the phone after learning Fusco lied about the safety deposit box.


375 Hudson Street as Department of Homeland Security

Carter takes Quinn to the DHS and hands him over.


Tony Dapolito Recreation Center as 8th Precinct (exterior)

Finch approaches Carter and she tells him that she knows about the Machine.


East 41st Street & 5th Avenue as Lee Fusco's School

Fusco waits in his car for his son after hockey practice and he is joined by Shaw.


570 Washington Street as 3rd Precinct

Carter and Reese are shot by Simmons after leaving the police station where Reese was being held.