“If-Then-Else” Filming Locations

The Machine struggles to rescue the team after Samaritan causes a terrible stock market crash.

Series: Person of Interest Season 4, Episode 11
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Person of Interest episode "If-Then-Else" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Bowling Green Offices as Wall Street Stock Ticker

Root and Finch watch the stock market crash with a group on the street.


Telehouse Data Center as Stock Exchange (basement)

The team works their way through the basement to hack the servers and reenable the elevator.


26 Broadway as Stock Exchange (lobby)

Root and Finch talks to the security guard while posing as repair technicians.


630 Flushing Avenue as Stock Exchange (elevator)

The team heads into the basement server farm at the stock exchange which turns into a Samaritan ambush.

The Battery as Battery Park

Finch teaches the Machine to play chess in a flashback in the park.


23rd Street (between 45th Avenue & 45th Road) as Subway Entrance

In one version of the simulation Shaw is held in the back of a squad car and in the final simulation she leaves after stopping the subway bomber.