“Bratva” Filming Locations

The team heads to Russia to stop General Walker only to have bad memories from Oliver’s past resurface.

Series: Arrow Season 5, Episode 12
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Arrow episode "Bratva" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

1010 George Street as Training

Talia has Oliver take out a few low-level drug dealers as part of his training.

Boundary Bay Regional Airport as Russian Airport

Oliver heads with his team to Russia where he arranges to meet Anatoly at the airport only to receive a less than warm welcome. The team returns to the airport to thwart General Walker's weapon sale and recover the nuclear bomb.


6742 224 Street as Former A.R.G.U.S. Safe House

Team Arrow sets up in a former safe house while in Russia.


Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor as Russian Orthodox Church

Rory keeps in eye out in the church while Dinah hangs outside and Laurel and Curtis monitor from the van.


1010 George Street as Russian Orthodox Church (basement)

Diggle and Oliver search the basement of the church for General Walker but find that the General already knew they were coming.


1010 George Street as Russian Shakedown

Dinah and Oliver head to threaten a business owner as a favor fro the Bratva.


1010 George Street as Russian Hospital

Oliver finds Anatoly resting in a hospital bed after being beaten up.

Buller Studio as Rory's Shop

Felicity visits Rory in his shop only to find him packing up to leave.

Buller Studio as Meeting Contact

Susan Williams meets with her investigator who has more information on Oliver's activities in Russian when he was supposed to be trapped on the island.