“Spectre of the Gun” Filming Locations

A mass shooting at City Hall prompts Oliver to reconsider how to best affect change in the city.

Series: Arrow Season 5, Episode 13
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Arrow episode "Spectre of the Gun" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

5255 Heather Street as City Hall (offices)

A gunman shoots up City Hall.


Lot under 1st Avenue Bridge as Interrogating Mobster

Oliver is interrogating a mobster about the guns used in the mass shooting when the criminal is killed by the Vigilante.

Buller Studio as Stalking the Streets

Diggle questions some thug about the killer.

5255 Heather Street as Support Group

Curtis and Rene visit a support group to learn about James Edlund.

5255 Heather Street as Starling General Hospital

Oliver heads to the hospital to stop James Edlund from killing people.

New Westminster City Hall as City Hall

Oliver holds a memorial for those killed in the attack on City Hall.