“The Sin-Eater” Filming Locations

Three old enemies escape from prison and run rampant over the city while troubles comes for Oliver on several fronts.

Series: Arrow Season 5, Episode 14
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Arrow episode "The Sin-Eater" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Cornett Road & Natal Street as Prison Bus Breakout

China White, Carrie Cutter, and Liza Warner kill some prison guards and break out of custody.


1010 George Street as Russian Hospital

Oliver tries to get Anatoly out of the hospital when his life is threatened.


1010 George Street as Loading Dock

Curtis and Rene find a surviving Triad member and ask him what the three criminals are searching for.

Buller Studio as Lambertini's Italian Cuisine

The three escaped criminals attack a mob hangout and find someone who has information on the money stash.


Il Giardino Italiano (PNE) as Oak Hill Memorial Cemetery

The team follows the trio to a cemetery where the money stash is hidden and end up fighting against an army of goons.