Movies Filmed at Maritime Museum Dock

Ferry Ramp, Vancouver, BC V6J, Canada
Nearby Locations
Hadden Park from Doctor Who
131 m

Vancouver Maritime Museum from Charmed
135 m

1988 Ogden Avenue from Doctor Who
266 m

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Max lives in his boat which is docked at a marina overlooking downtown.

Appears in 5 episodes.
My Balls, Dickhead

Sally tells Maddie about someone she was involved with during a former con.

We Wanted Every Lie

Max talks to the Doctor who brings up the issue of Patrick.

Cohen, Lenny Cohen.

Max complains about Maddie's unprofessionalism with Sally.

Is a Shark Good or Bad?

Sally and Max return to the boat to pack for their trip.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Doctor Is In

Max calls Maddie to tell her that Richard didn't show up for their meeting.


Quellón Dock

Mel stops another monster on a dock but is interrupted by two very loud creatures who follow her back through the portal in episode 3x10 “Bruja-Ha”.