“Who Am I?” Filming Locations

Lito & Capheus are interviewed by hostile reporters, Riley steps her up espionage game, and Nomi & Amanita look into the past while Will narrows in on Whispers in the present.

Sense8 episode “Who Am I?” was filmed in 8 cities across 8 countries.
Chicago & San Francisco in the United States of America, Nairobi in Kenya, Mumbai in India, Berlin in Germany, London in the United Kingdom, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Mexico City in Mexico, and in South Korea.

Cinépolis Plaza Carso as Movie Premiere [Mexico City]

Lito is interviewed by a reporter out front of the premiere of Los Angeles deben ganarse sus Alas while attending with Hernando and Dani.

Kibera Town Centre as Kibera Town Centre [Nairobi]

Capheus parks the Van Damn an finds Zakia waiting to apologize for her approach to the interview.

Oricon House as Kala & Rajan's Home [Mumbai]

Kala gives her family a tour of her and Rajan's new home and later Rajan's family joins them all for a shared dinner.

BG 14 (UvA) as Church Hideout (exterior) [Amsterdam]

Riley exits the church hideout into the middle of Amsterdam and walks off.

Cafe Aen't Water as Cafe [Amsterdam]

Riley walks to a canal-side cafe and meets with her father who has brought supplies from Iceland to help with their ruse.

Tierpark Berlin as Zoo [Berlin]

Wolfgang is sitting in the zoo watching the tigers when Sun visits and he tells her about visiting with his mother when he was young.

The Shard as Imperial Frontier General Financials [London]

Will manages to visit with Whispers while he is meeting with a BPO executive and they manage to determine the executive's identity and location.