“The Lie of the Land” Filming Locations

The monks are good. The monks have always been here. The monks help humanity. The monks are our friends.

Series: Doctor Who Season 10, Episode 8
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Doctor Who episode "The Lie of the Land" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

The Coal Exchange as Street

Bill struggles against the mind control while walking down the street.


Octavo's Book Cafe and Wine Bar as Magpie Electrical

Bill walks up to a TV store and watches one of the Doctor's broadcasts with a crowd of people.


Parc Argae Caerdydd Dock as Supply Boat Dock

Bill and Nardole board a boat so they can be smuggled aboard the prison ship.


Cardiff Bay Barrage as Crashing into Pier

A pair of guards watch as the prison ship crashes into the pier with the Doctor laughing maniacally on the front.


Main Building (Cardiff University) as St. Luke's University

The Doctor and Bill return to the university which is under the monks' control.


The Coal Exchange as The Vault

The Doctor takes Bill into the vault where they talk with Missy about defeating the monks.


Barry Rail Yard as Train Yard

The resistance operates from inside a parked train.


Mount Stuart Square (east) as Street to Pyramid

The resistance heads down the street to the pyramid wearing the headphones with Bill's recording.


Custom House as Building near Pyramid

The resistance looks for a means to approach the monks' pyramid safely.


Mount Stuart Square (west) as Fighting Monk

Civilians on the street fight one of the monks after the truth is revealed.