“Vegas with Some Radish” Filming Locations

Ella accompanies Lucifer to Vegas when his ex-wife Candy goes missing.

This episode was original shot as the 22nd episode of season two, but later moved forward to season three.

Series: Lucifer Season 3, Episode 6
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Lucifer episode "Vegas with Some Radish" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

The Westin Bayshore Hotel as La Marida Casino

Lucifer and Ella arrive in Vegas and find a crime scene with a dead body that looks suspiciously like Candy waiting for them.


Grand Villa Casino as Moonbeam Casino (interior)

Lucifer calls Linda to reschedule his appointment and then Ella plays some blackjack to draw the attention of their murder suspect.

Plaza of Nations as Moonbeam Casino (exterior)

Ella and Lucifer are kicked out of the casino and then approached by Candy who is working in disguise as a waitress.

750 Pacific Boulevard as Fletcher's (exterior)

Ella flirts with the local detective while Candy thanks Lucifer for his help.