“Pilot” Filming Locations

An MIT grad student identifies an asteroid heading towards Earth and teams up with an Elon Musk analogue in an attempt to stop it while the government is being an asshole.

Series: Salvation Pilot
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Salvation pilot episode was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Roy Thomson Hall as Presentation Hall (interior)

Darius Tanz gives a speech about the end of humanity to a group of MIT students and faculty.

St. Michael's College Quad (U of T) as MIT Quad

Liam Cole almost hits a student while biking to the Darius Tanz lecture.

Brennan Hall (U of T) as Presentation Hall (exterior)

Liam stashes his bike outside before running into the lecture.

16 Victor Avenue as Dr. Malcolm Croft's House

Liam goes to his professor's house in the middle of the night to show him the new data from his simulation. When he returns to the house later he finds the place trashed and Dr. Croft missing.

Fairmont Royal York as The Royale Hotel

Liam jumps into the elevator with Tanz to tell him about the meteor heading for the planet.