“No Future in the Past” Filming Locations

Wynonna takes a journey into the past and leans the history of the curse and who the Women in Black are while Waverly struggles with her history and bonds with Rosita.

Series: Wynonna Earp Season 2, Episode 8
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Wynonna Earp episode "No Future in the Past" was filmed in Calgary in Canada.
Show Map

The Honeymoon Cabin (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Earp Homestead

Waverly recalls falling through the ice when she was a child while contemplating her status as an Earp.


Southern Meadow (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Edge of the Woods

Juan Carlos stops to help a stranded traveler and discovers the Widows waiting for him.


Inglewood Aquatic Centre as Silver Springs Medical Center (exterior)

Doc runs outside after Wynonna only to find her spirited away by someone.


The Church (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Old Church

Juan Carlos takes Wynonna to an abandoned church on the outskirts of town so she can go on a journey into the past.


The Town (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Saloon

Wynonna finds herself transported to the past where she sees Doc Holliday and Robert Svane.


The Woods (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Snowy Woods

Dolls tries to stop the Widows from reaching the church.


The Woods (CL Western Town & Backlot) as The Well

Robert Svane goes to the well to try and get the ring with the seal from Doc Holliday who is trapped at the bottom.


CL Western Town & Backlot as Bobo Rises

Bobo climbs out of the snowy ground.