Movies Filmed at The Town

Unnamed Road, Calgary, AB T3Z 2B4, Canada

Part of CL Western Town & Backlot

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The Church from Wynonna Earp
118 m

The Weigh Station from Wynonna Earp and 1 other movie.
192 m

The Hillside Farm from Wynonna Earp
225 m

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Wynonna Earp


Wynonna finds herself transported to the past where she sees Doc Holliday and Robert Svane in episode 2x08 “No Future in the Past”. Kate recounts her first meeting with Doc after getting into a conflict with a man whose car she refused to perform a reading for in episode 3x08 “Waiting Forever for You”.

Clockmaker's Mansion (lounge)

The Woman in Black force the clockmaker Hypnos to use his powers on the town. Filmed inside the saloon set. in episode 2x06 “Whiskey Lullaby”.

Antique Shop

Doc goes to an antique shop to grab a drink and ends up getting a creepy painting in episode 2x09 “Forever Mine Nevermind”.

Purgatory Street

Kate confronts Constance Clootie about Doc's disappearance and learns that she hid him away after giving him immortality in episode 3x08 “Waiting Forever for You”.