Movies Filmed at Downtown Parkade

Front Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada
Nearby Locations
430 Columbia Street from Supergirl
48 m

Parking Lot off Front Street from Arrow
84 m

UFCW Training Centre from Human Target
94 m

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Meeting The Count

Oliver arranges a meeting with The Count through the Bratva which is raided by the police in episode #112 "Vertigo".

Meeting on Parking Garage

Oliver meets with Laurel and Ted Grant to talk about the murders in episode #306 "Guilty".

I, Robot

Parking Structure


Parking Garage

The mysterious leader of Cadmus meets with the criminal gang and provides them with the new alien weapons they requested in episode #205 "Crossfire".

Police Parking Garage

Alex heads to the parking garage to ask Maggie to lay off Guardian and ends up talking about her feelings in episode #207 "The Darkest Place".