Movies Filmed at Downtown Parkade

Front Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada
Nearby Locations
Front Street (between Fourth & Sixth) from The Flash and 1 other movie.
11 m

430 Columbia Street from Supergirl
48 m

Westminster Pier Park from You Me Her and 1 other movie.
55 m

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Meeting The Count

Oliver arranges a meeting with The Count through the Bratva which is raided by the police in episode 1x12 “Vertigo”.

Meeting on Parking Garage

Oliver meets with Laurel and Ted Grant to talk about the murders in episode 3x06 “Guilty”.


Parking Garage

The mysterious leader of Cadmus meets with the criminal gang and provides them with the new alien weapons they requested in episode 2x05 “Crossfire”.

Police Parking Garage

Alex heads to the parking garage to ask Maggie to lay off Guardian and ends up talking about her feelings in episode 2x07 “The Darkest Place”.

National City Savings & Loan

Kara once again tries to stop Gayle Marsh but finds herself again debilitated by fear in episode 3x02 “Triggers”.

Deadly Class

Parking Garage

Marcus runs from the cops and is cornered at the end of the garage where Saya saves him in episode 1x01 “Reagan Youth”.