“The Flash Reborn” Filming Locations

Iris pushes down her feelings over the loss of Barry while leading the team until a superpowered flying samurai starts terrorizing the city demanding to fight the Flash.

Series: The Flash Season 4, Episode 1
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The Flash episode "The Flash Reborn" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Homer Street (between Dunsmuir & Pender) as Street

Wally and Cisco stop while chasing Shawna Baez and she manages to get the jump on them.

Belkin House as Broome Tower

Cisco stops on the rooftop Iris predicts Peek-a-Boo will stop at and uses his power to bring her down.

Alley (south of Richards, west of Pender) as Alley near Broome Tower

Cisco brings Peek-a-Boo down to the ground where Joe finally brings her down with the police. Later, Wally confronts the samurai while dressed as the Flash but the samurai isn't fooled.

Homer Street (between Georgia & Dunsmuir) as Fourth & Aspen

Wally, Cisco, and Joe arrive downtown and find a flying samurai terrorizing the city.


Astoria Hotel as Seedy Bar

Cisco visit Caitlin in the bar where she has been working for the past six months and asks her to return to the team.

Boundary Bay Regional Airport as Ferris Air Testing Facility

Cisco gathers the team at the old testing track where he attempts to bring Barry back from the Speed Force.


Crowley Drive & Tyne Street as Street Corner

A portal to the Speed Force opens in the middle of the street and Barry rushes out.

North 40 Dog Park as Outside Ivy City

Barry runs to a stop far outside the city and collapses in front of a family in a truck.


Hamilton Street (between Robson & Georgia) as State & Main

Joe surrounds the samurai with the police and Iris shows up and turns herself over to the samurai to draw out Barry.

North 40 Dog Park as Danville Wind Farm

Barry lands back on the ground with Iris after defeating the samurai.