“Tribute” Filming Locations

Oliver deals with an FBI investigation caused by the photo of him as the Green Arrow while an old Russian friend causes trouble.

Series: Arrow Season 6, Episode 2
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Arrow episode "Tribute" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

New Westminster City Hall as City Hall

Oliver arrives at work to a gaggle of reporters asking about the him allegedly being the Green Arrow.


Bekaert Plant as Port of Star City

Oliver is taking a group of reporters on a tour with some executives when the group is attacked by Anatoly and the Bratva.

Vancouver Film Studios as Balalaika Banquet Hall (rooftop)

Team Arrow gathers on the rooftop of the building Felicity identified as the Bratva hideout.


South Hall Banquet & Wedding Palace as Balalaika Banquet Hall

The team goes to Bratva owned restaurant to rescue the Markovian executives.

Allied Shipbuilders as Old Dockyard

Oliver and the team head to an old dockyard to rescue the kidnapped CEO from Anatoly.