“Next of Kin” Filming Locations

Diggle has trouble adjusting to his new role as the Green Arrow and Oliver looks for a way to divert heat from himself while everyone grapples with a group of rogue CIA operatives with a sinister plan.

Series: Arrow Season 6, Episode 3
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Arrow episode "Next of Kin" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

1090 West Pender as Rooftop

Diggle and Dinah see Alex Faust running across an adjacent parking garage and pull a manuever to shoot Diggle over at him.

East Parking Garage (Bentall Centre) as Parking Garage

Diggle chases Alex Faust through the garage and manages to capture him with the team.


Industrial Avenue (between Station & end) as Transport Route

The Kord Industries transport drives down its route before being stopped by the team who join the drivers inside and then Onyx and her squad attack.

Beresford Street & Shirley Avenue as Transport Crashed

Onyx crashes the empty transport truck into a row of homes.

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver as Haselby Grand

Felicity tracks Onyx's target to a busy hotel and the team head there to stop the attack.

Beresford Street & Merritt Avenue as Driving

The team rushes to the hotel.

Buller Studio as Alley beyind Haselby Grand

Diggle follows Onyx behind the hotel and stops her attack.

New Westminster City Hall as City Hall

Oliver and Lance go to the council meeting in a last ditch effort to stop the anti-vigilante bill.

Buller Studio as Red Light District

Diggle buys a questionable serum in a sketchy alley to treat his tremors.