“Chapter Five: Dig Dug” Filming Locations

When Hopper is trapped underground, Will locates him using his connection to the creature and Joyce recruits help to decipher the map. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Max the truth, Dustin looks for help with his monster problem, and Nancy & Jonathan take the story to someone who can help.

Series: Stranger Things Season 2, Episode 5
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Stranger Things episode "Chapter Five: Dig Dug" was filmed in Atlanta & Douglasville in United States of America.
Show Map

Scottish Inns as Motor Motel

Nancy and Jonathan check into a motel on their way to Murray Bauman's place.


2550 Piney Wood Lane as Sinclair House

Lucas grabs his bike and rides off.


2886 Piney Wood Drive as Henderson House

Dustin sends his mom off on a wild goose chase for their missing cat and then lures Dart into the cellar.


422 Lees Lake Road as Ives House

Eleven shows up looking for her mother and talks with her aunt.


Margaret Street Southeast (between Lakewood & end) as Street

Jonathan and Nancy drive to Murray Bauman's home.


6501 Church Street as Arcade

Max comes into the arcade to play Dig Dug and ends up lured into the back room by Lucas who tells her the whole truth.


149 Coastline Road as Byers House

Bob shows up with some brain teasers and Joyce tries to send him away.


2530 Piney Wood Lane as Wheeler House

Dustin rides to Mike's house looking for him for help with Dart and ends up recruiting Steve.


Building A (Emory University) as Hawkins National Laboratory

The scientists at the lab demonstrate the unique properties of the soil to Dr. Owens.

Source: IMDb


Sleepy Hollow Farm as Merrill's Farm

Will guides Joyce, Bob, and Mike to the farm where they find Hopper's car and hole.