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Stranger Things

Henderson House

Dustin searches for spare change before heading off to the arcade in episode 2x01 “Chapter One: Madmax”. Dustin's mom takes his photo in his Ghostbusters costume in episode 2x02 “Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak”. Dustin sneaks his new friend into the house and feeds it some Three Muskateers in episode 2x03 “Chapter Three: The Pollywog”.

Appears in 7 additional episodes.
Chapter Four: Will the Wise

Dustin takes care of his little friend.

Chapter Five: Dig Dug

Dustin sends his mom off on a wild goose chase for their missing cat and then lures Dart into the cellar.

Chapter Six: The Spy

Dustin brings Steve over to his house to take care of the baby demogorgon in the cellar.

Chapter Nine: The Gate

Dustin prepares his hair for the dance while his mom cuddles their new kitten.

Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?

Dustin returns home from camp disappointed that his friends forgot his return only for them to surprise him.

Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse

Max shows up at Dustin's house after he sees the news report to tell him her theory of the murder.

Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero

While Jason and his goons are searching for Dustin, Lucas sneaks in through a side window to send his friends a warning on Cerebro.