“Hostile” Filming Locations

Series: Runaways Season 1, Episode 10
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Runaways episode "Hostile" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Los Angeles Produce Market as PRIDE Construction Site

The kids try to hold off their parents but things change when Jonas arrives.


Hollywood Boulevard & North Harvard Boulevard as Harvard Boulevard

The kids cross the street with their dino hidden in a shopping cart and Alex sees Griffith Observatory in the distance.


Cedar Grove (Griffith Park) as Griffith Park Woods

The kids take shelter in the woods near Griffith Observatory and plan their next move.


Patra Burgers on Sunset as Burger Joint

Chase and Molly blend in with a group of runaways being picked up by the church.


Valley Performing Arts Center (CSU Northridge) as Church of Gibborim

Chase and Molly go undercover in the church to rescue Karolina while the others wait outside.


El Adobe Market as Street Corner

Alex calls his dad's old enemy Darius Davis to arrange an alliance.


Los Angeles Produce Market as Bus Depot

The kids attempt to catch a bus out of town but are thwarted when they see a news broadcast blaming them for the murder of Destiny.


Alley (south of Wall, east of 9th) as Alley

The kids run away from the bus depot after seeing the news broadcast.