“Fallen Angel” Filming Locations

Ortega tracks Kovacs as he investigates the death threats made against Bancroft.

Altered Carbon episode “Fallen Angel” was filmed in Vancouver, Maple Ridge, & Richmond in Canada.

Grover Road Dock as Fishing

Two people are out fishing when a body falls from the sky.

Canada Post Main Office as Kristin Ortega's Home

Ortega wakes up in the morning and asks her tracking program to inform her if Kovaks moves.

Canada Post Main Office as BCPD Fell Street Station

Ortega trains aggressively with Aboud in the morning before work.

1333 West Georgia Street as Psychasec (exterior)

Prescott escorts Kovacs to the company where the Bancroft sleeves are manufactured.

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT) as Psychasec (interior)

Kovaks talks to the employees at the company the manufactures the Bancroft's clone sleeves and watches as Laurens Bancroft needlecasts back from overseas.

Canada Post Main Office as A.I. Card Game

Poe meets with a group of A.I.s for their regular game and tells them that he finally has a new guest.

Museum of Anthropology (UBC) as Bay City Museum of Anthropology

Kovaks visits an exhibit on the rebellion he once fought in to remember Quell.