Movies Filmed at Waterfall Building

1540 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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An apartment building in False Creek designed by architect Arthur Erickson and opened in 2001. The unique spiral staircases and central reception area make it a frequent choice for productions.

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False Creek Fishermen's Wharf from Stargate SG-1
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Lowell's Apartment (exterior)

Liv is leaving Lowell's apartment when she sees Blaine and has a vision of Blaine killing Jerome in episode 1x08 "Dead Air". Liv hides her face from Blaine and watches him ride the elevator up to Lowell's apartment in episode 1x09 "Patriot Brains".

Liv's Sniper Perch

Liv takes aim on Blaine at Lowell's adjacent apartment through her stolen sniper rifle in episode 1x09 "Patriot Brains".

The L Word

California Arts Center

Where Bette works. The show does a good job of hiding that the glass atrium (entrance to the CAC) is actually in a courtyard. Exterior only.

Battlestar Galactica

Laura Roslin's Doctor's Office

In the miniseries, this is where Laura gets the bad news about her cancer. She is sitting in the glass, sloped atrium.

Starbuck's Apartment

Both Starbuck's apartment and where she was held by Leoben on New Caprica were filmed here. First seen in episode #202 "Valley of Darkness".

Cylon Occupied Caprica

The events of episode #218 "Downloaded" occur at the Waterfall building, including Sharon's apartment.

Lee's Apartment

Building where Lee has flashbacks with his fiancée in episode 2x14 "Black Market".

Starbuck's New Caprica Prison

Prison where Starbuck is held on New Caprica is the same location as her actual apartment was filmed. First seen in episode #301 "Occupation".

Laura Roslin's Apartment

Roslin's apartment in episode 4x19 "Daybreak: Part 1".

Altered Carbon

Hospital (surgery)

Ortega's life is saved by emergency surgery under Kovacs' supervision in episode 1x06 "Man with My Face".

Martian Child

Elliot Louis Gallery


Joseph's Apartment

Recreated as a set for the remainder of the series. in pilot episode.

Fairly Legal

Justin's Apartment Building

Kate is staying at Justin's place when she tries to help him with the naked guy across the way in episode 1x05 "The Two Richards". From episode 1x07 "Coming Home".

John Doe

Robert Shoely's Apartment

The police track the phone call to someone living at this address in episode 1x14 "Ashes to Ashes".


Julien Gaynor's Studio

Almond and Niedermayer question an artist who sold a painting to the victim in episode 1x11 "I Like to Watch".

Defying Gravity

Crew Apartments

Various crew members live in these apartments, first seen in episode #103 "Threshold".