“Nora Inu” Filming Locations

After coming face-to-face with a figure from his past, Kovacs flashes back to the rebellion.

Series: Altered Carbon Season 1, Episode 7
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Altered Carbon episode "Nora Inu" was filmed in Vancouver, Squamish, & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

Widgeon Slough North Dock as Coolant Pool

Young Tak and Rei watch their father destroy their mother's body after murdering her.

Britannia Mine Museum as Yakuza Base

Tak leads a CTAC assault team on his home planet but turns on them after encountering his sister.


Clearing off Quarry Road as Clearing

Tak and Rei head through a clearing to the woods they once explored as children.


Sea to Sky Gondola Summit Lodge as Echo Bridge

Tak wakes up tied to the middle of a bridge surrounded by rebel troops as Quell attempts to recruit him for the cause.

Museum of Anthropology (UBC) as Garrison (exterior)

The rebel team infiltrates the garrison to steal the codes needed to needlecast to the central core.

Minaty Bay as Beach

Quell reveals her connection to the stacks to Tak and they have sex.