Movies Filmed at Molson Brewery

1550 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3G5, Canada
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Seaforth Armoury from Stargate SG-1
146 m

Empty Lot under Burrard Bridge from Legends of Tomorrow and 2 other movies.
166 m

Livingspace Interiors from Dancing with Shadows
225 m

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Summerlin Industries

Kara watches as Orlando and several other alien prisoners are split from the rest and sent away from their work-release program in episode 6x09 “Dream Weaver”.

Uranium Theft

Kara and J'onn's paths cross when they discover a guard forcing several alien prisoners to steal a shipment of uranium in episode 6x09 “Dream Weaver”.


Kara and J'onn fight off the corrupt prison guards before they can hurt Orlando and the others and Kara tries to talk the prisoners into not running in episode 6x09 “Dream Weaver”.



Mel, after taking the Kyon serum, travels through a portal where the Kyon queen is being held along with numerous other creatures in episode 2x04 “Deconstructing Harry”. Mel and Harry search the facility looking for any clue to the Darklighter's location but learn something else of the organization's plan in episode 2x14 “Sudden Death”.

Magical Storage Facility (exterior)

Harry and Mel spy on the guards outside the facility and Harry sees the mural he saw in his vision in episode 2x14 “Sudden Death”.

Chinese Loading Dock

Macy appears in China after being teleported away by Francesca Jameson in episode 3x17 “The Storm Before the Calm”.

Capitol Hill Water Treatment Plant

Maggie has a vision which leads Harry and her to a water treatment plant where the Whispering Evil plans on infecting the water supply in episode 3x17 “The Storm Before the Calm”.


Bottling Plant

Kate tries to rescue Nocturna's latest victim but the blood sucker manages to drug her with her bite in episode 1x13 “Drink Me”.

Mannequin Factory

Alice waits for Mouse at their rendevous point and later is ambushed by Nocturna in episode 1x13 “Drink Me”. Alice discusses at her henchpeople about August Cartwright and later invites a therapist over for some advice in episode 1x14 “Grinning from Ear to Ear”. Alice returns to her hideout to find her rabbits dead and a note left by an old enemy in episode 1x16 “Through the Looking-Glass”.

Cosmetics Factory

Kate rescues Veronica May from being dropped in a vat of chemicals while Sophie stops Duela Dent from escaping in episode 1x14 “Grinning from Ear to Ear”.

Parking Lot

Jacob tells Sophie about his suspicions and tasks her with reinvestigating Lucious Fox's murder in episode 1x16 “Through the Looking-Glass”.

Industrial Area

Jacob meets with someone who claims to have information on Kate only to be ambushed by members of the False Face Society looking to kill a Crow for Kevin Johnson's initiation in episode 2x04 “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes”.

Proving Ground

The racers prepare to speed off and later Ryan demonstrates her driving skills for three members of the False Face Society in episode 2x11 “Arrive Alive”.

Dropoff Site

Sophie follows the tracker in the Fear Toxin to a warehouse but is ambushed by Black Mask in episode 2x11 “Arrive Alive”.