“Blue Bloody” Filming Locations

Liv ingests the brains of an awful heiress murdered with a golf ball while the new prophet begins his crusade.

Series: iZombie Season 4, Episode 2
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iZombie episode "Blue Bloody" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Swaneset Bay Resort and Country Club as Country Club

Mrs. Brinks is killed by a golf ball while golfing and being terrible.

Hollywood Theatre as Triple Cross Church

Angus expands his congregation and preaches about his zombie god.


Sunrise Market as Black Market Brains

Angus and his church break up a back alley black market brain deal in a homeless encampment.

Victory Square as Park near Precinct

Clive talks to Dale before being joined by Liv and later he walks through the park with Dale and they talk about their issues.

Casa Mia as Brinks Mansion

Liv and Clive question the members of Mrs. Brinks' staff and find them all claiming to love her.


Dunlevy Avenue (between Powell & Cordova) as Church Parade

Angus preaches from the back of a truck while his congregation passes out brains to zombies.

Kiraku Ramen + BBQ as Al-Shaboz Kabobz

Major's team interrupts a group of anti-zombie nuts who are harassing a business owner but things get out of hand.


Columbia Street as Salmon & Sikma Checkpoint

Liv and Clive are stopped at a Fillmore Graves checkpoint into a dangerous area on their mission to smuggle the kid out of the city.


Launder All Coin Laundry as Detergent Care

Liv and Ravi take the chef's son to the location his mother provided and meet the smuggler.