Movies Filmed at Columbia Street

1667 Columbia St, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3R5, Canada
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Lynnwood Marina from The Flash and 3 other movies.
179 m

Shore near Railway Street from Psych
214 m

Termel Industries from Romeo Must Die and 1 other movie.
216 m

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The Flash

Main Street

Cisco and Wells track the radioactive signal but only find a nuclear waste transport truck in episode 4x10 "The Trial of the Flash".


Salmon & Sikma Checkpoint

Liv and Clive are stopped at a Fillmore Graves checkpoint into a dangerous area on their mission to smuggle the kid out of the city in episode 4x02 "Blue Bloody". Major is working at a checkpoint when team is drawn away shortly before the suicide bomber kills the remaining agents in episode 5x01 "Thug Death".

The InBetween


From episode 1x04 "Kiss Them for Me".