“Prisoners” Filming Locations

Series: Salvation Season 2, Episode 10
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Salvation episode "Prisoners" was filmed in Vancouver & Squamish in Canada.
Show Map

Hamilton Street (between Pender & Hastings) as Street

Alycia is getting into her car when she is arrested by the FBI.

The Permanent as C.O.P.E. Headquarters

Bass Shepherd asks Jillian to help the cause and later Alonzo searches for Zoe but finds the place deserted.

La Terrazza as Fancy Restaurant

Nicholas Tanz is out smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey when his credit card is declined.

Aja Tan Studios as P Street Heliport

Nicholas Tanz is arrested before he can board his helicopter to flee the country.


Cheakamus Centre as C.O.P.E. Retreat

Jillian accompanies Zoe to the retreat and then hands over plans for the railgun to Bass Shepherd.