Movies Filmed at The Permanent

330 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T1, Canada

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Originally home to the BC Permanent & Loan Company beginning in 1907, the building was bought by the Bank of Canada in 1935 and has recently been renovated as an events venue. The location retains its original vault door and neo-classical decoration.

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Starling Trust Bank

They escape through a hole in the alley behind the building. A group of bank robbers attack a bank and kill a police officer in episode 1x06 “Legacies”.

Source: YVRShoots

Star City Allied Bank

Eric Dunn shoots a bank guard while fleeing a robbery in episode 5x07 “Vigilante”.

Star City National Bank

The team arrives at a bank robbery to find one of the thieves dying on the ground in episode 5x07 “Vigilante”.

Wedding Reception

Felicity and Oliver invite all of their friends and family to a postponed wedding reception in episode 6x09 “Irreconcilable Differences”.


C.O.P.E. Headquarters

Jillian takes Liam with her to C.O.P.E. to listen to Bass Shepherd and later he returns and sees something suspicious in episode 2x09 “The Manchurian Candidate”. Bass Shepherd asks Jillian to help the cause and later Alonzo searches for Zoe but finds the place deserted in episode 2x10 “Prisoners”.


Jewelry Store

Magpie sets off an alarm while stealing a diamond ring and nearly kills a guard to escape in episode 1x04 “Who Are You?”.


Alice wakes to find that Marquis has captured the members of the Black Glove Society and has sinister plans for them in episode 3x12 “We're All Mad Here”.