“What's Past Is Prologue” Filming Locations

Nora comes up with a plan to neutralize Cicada's dagger and then travels back in time with Barry to important moments in his past to gather the ingredients.

Series: The Flash Season 5, Episode 8
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The Flash episode "What's Past Is Prologue" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Burnaby City Hall as Central City Hospital

Barry and Nora plant the device in a pillar in the past and then set up a trap for Cicada in present day.

Kamui Mintara Totems (Burnaby Mountain Park) as Mount Buccelato

Nora and Barry return to the defeat of Savitar to steal a piece of his suit.


Alley (south of Cambie, west of Robson) as Alley near S.T.A.R. Labs

Nora and Barry land after their uncontrollable fall through time and find themselves next to an unconscious earlier version of Barry who has come back to get Thawne's help.


2036 West 13th Avenue as Barry's Childhood Home

Nora returns back to a time when Barry's parents were alive and is soon joined by Barry.