“O Come, All Ye Thankful” Filming Locations

Nora struggles with the danger Barry constantly puts himself in while a new piece of meta-tech shows up in the hands of the daughter of Weather Wizard.

Series: The Flash Season 5, Episode 7
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The Flash episode "O Come, All Ye Thankful" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

720 Beatty Street as Central City Power Station

Nora and Barry investigate a power surge and Barry is nearly killed while preventing a massive explosion.

Oceanic Plaza as Porter Plaza

Nora and Barry meet with Joss Mardon to trick her into handing over her staff using a hologram of her father.

Skeena Street (between Cornett & 11th) as Central City Hospital

Orlin Dwyer sits in his truck outside the hospital after Dr. Ambres tells him he shouldn't visit any more.

Playland (PNE) as Central City Amusement Park

Orlin is out with Grace when the Enlightenment happens and they are both injured by falling debris.


Fly Guy Aviation (Pitt Meadows Regional Airport) as Sheldon County Airport

Joss Mardon summons a lightning storm that threatens the entire city.


Homer Street (between Robson & Georgia) as Meta Attack

Orlin watches a news report on Gridlock's attack.