“Past Life” Filming Locations

Livvie makes a push for answers about Darius' murder which puts her in the crosshairs of the corrupt cops on PRIDE's payroll while the Runaway try to figure out what they are going to do post-Jonah.

Runaways episode “Past Life” was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.

2352 West 30th Street as Nana B.'s Home

Video footage shows Darius at a BBQ when Destiny was murdered and the Runaways visit Livvie to help her with her PRIDE problem.

Van Ness Parking (Paramount Studios) as Church of Gibborim Parking Garage

Frank photographs Leslie paying Detective Flores to dispose of Oscar's body and later Karolina runs into Vaughn while trying to sneak inside the church and convinces him to help her.

W Hollywood as Gordon Hotel

Livvie and the Runaways infiltrate the hotel where Darius was murdered to find security footage to prove that Alex's parents were responsible.