“Extra Ordinary” Filming Locations

The Umbrella Academy episode “Extra Ordinary” was filmed in Toronto & Hamilton in Canada.

Starspark Computers as The Top Shelf Pawn Shop

Five years ago, Vanya sees some comic books about her family in the pawn shop window and then buys a typewriter to being working on her book.

Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories (U of T) as Meritech Prosthetics (exterior)

Number Five stakes out the prosthetics company the whole day and eventually sees the doctor handing off a suspicious duffle bag in exchange for cash.

1698 Queen Antiques as Imperial Woodwares

Vanya visits Leonard's shop and he gives her a wooden statue of herself playing violin.

234 Queen Street East as A.V. Shack

Vanya is walking home with Leonard when Allison arrives and he recognizes her.

Queen's Mini Mart as Queen's Mini Mart

Klaus runs out of the convenience store chased by a guard after stealing an armful of food.

1187 Queen Street West as Griddy's Doughnuts

Hazel enjoys a donut before questioning Agnes about the kid with Cha-Cha.

54 King Street East as The Umbrella Academy

Cha-Cha and Hazel arrive at the home and break in through the front door.